Top 8 Types of Facial Treatments for Healthier and Cleaner Skin

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Undeniably, everyone wants to have healthier and cleaner skin despite the changing environmental and climatic conditions. For that purpose, plenty of facial treatments are available in the market.


However, knowing about some specific ones following your skin type and its needs becomes important when choosing a facial treatment. In this regard, here are the top 8 types of facial treatments that can help you get healthier and cleaner skin.


1.    Collagen Anti-Ageing Treatment

Anti-aging facial treatments are in high demand nowadays. This is because people always want to look younger than their real age. Age is one of the real elements that cannot be denied or stopped. However, its effects are manageable, and collagen anti-aging treatment is a perfect solution.

Continually producing collagen is essential for a firm and smooth skin that results in youthful skin. This is a structural protein whose production starts decreasing as we age, and it leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and thinner skin.


That is why this treatment involves products that help in boosting collagen production to give you a youthful look despite your age. In this facial treatment, your service providers use red coral, marine-charged Padina Pavonica, and Indian Mulberry to plump out fine lines and wrinkles and reduce skin fatigue.

1.    Elemis Couture Touch Massage and Facial

If you want to double up the joy with your beauty treatment, Elemis couture touch massage and facial can work for you. This Elemis facial treatment consists of touch and massage therapies, is empowered by breakthrough technology, and is focused on saggy jawlines, cheeks, and jowls.


This facial treatment is designed to help people in restoring their facial architecture. The lupin and arjuna-infused chin and jowl mask work on improving elasticity. While Edelweiss and Tiger Grass’s stem cells, along with potent nutrients, support the extra-cellular matrix.

In the meantime, deep and muscle toning massage boosts the skin from the scalp to décolleté. It revitalizes and plumps the skin and creates a profoundly youthful and sculpted effect.

2.    Anti-Acne and Blemish Facial

Acne and blemishes are also one of major concerns of people who always want to look fresh and beautiful. Anti-acne and blemish facial treatment can be a perfect choice in this regard. This facial treatment involves extracts and high-frequency devices in order to kill acne-triggering bacteria on contact.

The goal behind this treatment is not limited to removing acne and blemishes. It is also about getting rid of dead skin cells and excess surface sebum. It also helps you remove clogged pores and targets active blemishes.


3.    HydraFacial

Hydrafacial is another amazing type of facial treatment for healthier and cleaner skin. It combines hydration and exfoliation with the help of microdermabrasion technology that sucks grease out of the pores and helps in infusing them with nutrient-empowered serum boosters for rejuvenating the skin.

According to experts, these facial treatments are non-invasive and are perfect for people with acne-prone and sensitive skin types. They are gentler and make it easy for aestheticians to handle such skin types during the treatment.


4.    Firming or Sculpting Facial

Do you want to tighten and sculpt your skin? This workout facial can serve your purpose very best. Though this firming facial typically involves more time spent on tools and devices, many professionals also add some minutes of massage for lifting and toning muscles during the facial.


According to experts, doing so helps strengthen and tighten the skin, which prevents it from getting saggy. For example, when aestheticians use technological tools such as microcurrent devices or vibrations, they allow a deeper and more dispersed treatment.


It allows you to scoop up the cheek muscles for more sculpted and lifted cheekbones.

5.    Superfood Pro-Radiance


A superfood facial can be a perfect option to boost your skin if it is dull or stressed. This facial treatment involves multiple valuable minerals and vitamins, including zinc, magnesium, and vitamins E and A.

These minerals and vitamins are found to be incredible when it comes to waking up tired skin and getting rid of toxins and impurities. In this way, this facial treatment also helps your skin in restoring moisture level and cell renewal and get a healthy glow.

According to recent clinical studies on this facial treatment, it increases the elasticity in the skin by 28% and moisture by 38% in a single session. It energizes the skin and leaves it plumper and more radiant.

6.    Elemis Dynamic Precision Peel

If you are looking for another facial treatment to manage your aging signs apart from the collagen treatment, Elemis dynamic precision peel is the right choice. It can help you peel away the years as it is clinically proven to resurface the skin for up to 75%.

This Elemis facial treatment also increases the skin’s smoothness by 32%. In it, state-of-the-art resurfacing techniques and tools are used to remove the thickening layer of the skin. According to studies, this treatment provides these results in just a single session.

This treatment leaves your skin smoother and radiant and brings a new level of evenness and complexion clarity. It always helps you look younger and refreshed.

7.    LED Facial

Another type of facial treatment that you can get from any prominent Spa and beauty salon like Meridian spa for healthier and cleaner skin is LED facial. As the name depicts, this treatment is a light-emitting diode therapy that utilizes varying wavelengths of red and blue light.

This treatment is found useful for dealing with acne, and aging effects as red light is used for ant-aging while blue light is used for acne treatment. This treatment does not involve ultraviolet rays and you can receive it regularly.


You can get healthier and refreshed skin regardless of the facial treatment you choose from the above-listed ones. Each of them is unique in its nature and incorporates different benefits. Therefore, while choosing one, you must consider the nature of your face skin.

In this regard, you can also consult professional aestheticians for well-informed advice to avoid any trouble later on.

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