Manchin moves to resurrect Biden’s BBB; Dems consider stimulus for high gas costs

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BUILD Back Better is BACK – Sen Jo Manchin, D-W.Va. Allegedly told a group of meteorologists and energy executives that they were ready to support a new version of President Biden’s Bloodback Better agenda, with some changes. Continue reading

‘Reset’ upside down – President Biden’s bewilderment over Russia before the invasion of Ukraine paved the way for policies that appeased Vladimir Putin and followed Obama’s policies. Continue reading

Another ‘Public Health Emergency?’ – A Democratic mayor calls violent crime a public health emergency, a move the police union president insists is purely political. Continue reading
Food shortage? – President Biden says food shortages are “real” after sanctions on Russia over Ukraine’s invasion. Continue reading

MAX 15 years – A Nebraska congressman has been found guilty of lying to the FBI about his illegal involvement in a California campaign since 2016. Continue reading


Democrats, fearful that the pain at the pump will affect voters, are proposing to send direct payments to Americans to alleviate the distress. Continue reading

Prophetic? – Daniel Ergan, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and vice chairman of S&P Global, highlighted the importance of the shell revolution and energy independence long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Continue reading

Sean Hunty – According to President Biden, America is back and better than ever. Biden is a fraud. Continue reading

Laura Ingram – Now Biden has made it clear that he is willing to lead other nations over Ukraine, energy and much more. Continue reading
Campaign ends – Democrat Abby Brails, who was drinking and allegedly attacking teenage girls at a friend’s house, has ended her congressional campaign. Continue reading

Media Cable – CNN, MSNBC and other networks broke into the GOP during coverage of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings, accusing him of racism and sexual harassment. Continue reading

Pizagate 2.0? – CNN’s John Harrod suggests GOP’s questioning of Judge Jackson’s record could be dangerous. Continue reading

Newspaper: What is a woman? – USA Today went viral on Thursday for suggesting that praising women is important. Continue reading

‘Facial racist’ – Chris Hayes said “most questions” Judge Jackson asked at the confirmation hearings were “facial racist”. Continue reading

Not enough – Sarah Haynes, co-host of The View, criticized Dames for not doing enough to challenge Judge Jackson, saying the GOP was “misinformation”. Continue reading


PETE HOEKSTRA – The bigotry of the past and present leadership of the intelligence community is so bad, it can be called an “intelligence cable”. Continue reading

Tucker Carlson – Instead of asking a single real question during the recent High Court confirmation hearings, Corey Booker only chanted slogans against all the nominees. Continue reading

Greg Gutfield – Once we start living in the streets with broken windows, they can become broken windows everywhere. Continue reading

Chuck Dewar – Unable to defeat the Ukrainian army, Russia is now trying to destroy Ukrainian cities, killing as many civilians as possible to force them to surrender. Continue reading

Rand Paul – I have legislation to give members enough time to read the bill before voting. It will also increase transparency and encourage legislation to be shortened. Continue reading


In other news
Model Escape Ukraine – Oksana Convents and her mother embarked on a five-day journey from the Ukrainian capital and spent 11 hours on the train to Poland. Continue reading

Cycling through history – Bob Barnes has cycled through all 50 state capitals this year, but he admits he was “fascinated” by Alabama’s rich history. Continue reading

Connect to Little Boys – An Ohio State sports psychologist told Fox News that digital fans can identify the little boy who went against the powerhouse school. Continue reading

‘Atmosphere of Fear’ – Conservative employees talk of being silent and disengaged in the midst of Disney’s left-wing activity. Continue reading

Sage’s death – Bob Sage’s widow stands by the report of the medical examiner when a staff member alleges that the “full house” star died on the night of “not feeling well.” Continue reading