Yoga benefits and mental



Yoga is very useful for physical fitness, mental relaxation, and stress relief.

We have many different types of yoga and each yoga have its own focus and benefits.

There are many the Benefits of Yoga and it can be helpful for people of all ages and levels of fitness

– Improved flexibility

– Increased strength

– Improved balance and posture – Reduced stress and anxiety – improved sleep quality

Yoga came to the west via an Indian guru named Swami

Vivekananda , who introduced it to the World

Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893.

Some common types of yoga

Hatha Yoga Vinyasa yoga Iyengar Yoga Bikram Yoga Yin Yoga Ashtanga yoga Restorative Yoga

overall body

health Basically Yoga can help to improve your overall body health and well-being. Yoga is basically a low-impact ty pe of exercise that can be done anywhere at any time with guided trainer.