When Suga ‘proposed’ to Jimin on Run BTS

Feb 28, 2023By: Nishtha Agarwal

​Run BTS​

For a long time now, Run BTS episodes have provided ARMY with lots of laughter and comfort. The members have tried many things.Credit: Instagram

​Suga and Jimin​

Yoongi and Jimin are known for bickering all the time. The two never fail to pull each other’s leg. But they also take care of one another.Credit: Instagram

​What Happened?​

It was during Run episode 29 that the boys acted as fashion designers putting together an outfit for another member.Credit: Instagram

​The Process​

Each one was given a rose that they had to throw, while others stood in a line. Whichever member the rose lands in front of, you will style him.Credit: Instagram

​Suga’s Turn​

When it was Suga’s turn to throw, all the members stood behind him in a line. The rose landed between Jimin and J-Hope.Credit: Instagram


Suga threw the rose again with just Jimin and J-Hope standing. He shouted ‘Go to Park Jimin,’ while throwing it.Credit: Instagram

​Guess What?​

To everyone’s surprise, the rose landed right in front of Jimin. Other members started teasing Suga, calling it a proposal.Credit: Instagram

​Members’ Reaction​

The members were super amazed and stunned. Seokjin even asked, ‘Didn’t it sound like a proposal?’Credit: Instagram

​Suga’s Style​

Well, in the end, Jimin looked amazing with Suga styling him. So, all thanks to the ‘proposal.’Credit: Instagram

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