How Did Deepika-Atanu’s Love Story Begin? 

Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari’s love story had its ups and downs. 

Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari is the star archer couple of India.

 Atanu and Deepika were batchmates at Tata Academy in Jamshedpur.

  Deepika and Atanu met for the first time in 2008.

Due to the language barrier, Atanu did not talk to Deepika.

Gradually, they got to know each other and resolved their differences by talking to each other.

Even though they participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics together, they were still far from dating each other. 

In 2017, 10 years after they met for the first time, they fell in love.

Both Atanu & Deepika got married in a small ceremony in Ranchi, Jharkhand in 2020.

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