When Selfies With Celebrities Went Wrong

Singer Sonu Nigam's team members was injured when two men pushed them over a selfie in Mumbai. 

Earlier, cricketer Prithvi Shaw was attacked by fans in Mumbai for refusing to take selfie.

Actor Aditya Roy Kapur found himself in a tough situation when a female admirer attempted to kiss him forcibly.

The video of the incident, where the female fan approached Aditya for a selfie, went viral.

Hrithik Roshan was left angry after a fan tried to forcefully take a picture with the actor.

Shah Rukh Khan snapped his arm away looking angry at Mumbai airport after a fan tried to grab it for selfie.

While Sara Ali Khan was obliging fans with selfies, one fan attempted to touch her face and hair. 

Salman Khan also once snatched the mobile of a fan who was trying to click him. 

John Abraham was seen pushing a fan who was constantly following him for a selfie.

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