WhatsApp 'Schedule Group Calls' Feature Releasing Soon:

WhatsApp is reportedly working on the ability to schedule

group calls. 

The feature is currently available for those enrolled in the TestFlight program and running WhatsApp beta for iOS 23.4.0.

The ‘Schedule Call’ button can be accessed from a new context menu that appears when you press the call button in a group and will be visible when the feature is enabled.

The group call scheduling feature is compatible with both audio and video calls.

It depends on which call button you interacted with to open the context menu.

Thanks to this feature, you can choose when the group call starts and assign a name to the scheduled call.

When the call starts, all group members will be notified so they can quickly join the call.

This new feature from WhatsApp will definitely help group members organize their meetings and events in advance.

This would also help to reduce the chances of missed or delayed calls, which may negatively impact group communication and collaboration.

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