Weight loss: Foods swaps to increase protein intake

Simran Arora, Times Now Digital

Mar 2, 2023

Quinoa over rice

As opposed to regular rice, quinoa gives 8.1 grams of proteins in a cup.

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Greek yogurt over sour cream

Greek yogurt is another incredible source of proteins, way healthier than sour cream – it gives 10.3 grams of proteins in a cup.

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Paneer over cream cheese

While cream cheese has 3.6 grams of proteins in 4 grams, paneer offers 6 grams in the same quantity.

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Peanut butter over salted butter

While regular butter has more sodium, peanut butter has more proteins with 7.5 grams of proteins in two tablespoons.

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Cow milk over almond milk

While plant-based foods are healthier and strongly associated with weight management, doctors advise cow milk for increased protein intake – 7 grams against 1 gram in a cup.

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Chickpeas over croutons

Chhole, boiled and roasted, gives 7.7 grams of proteins as against 1.8 grams in croutons.

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Eggs over breakfast cereals

One large egg has 9 grams of proteins and is one of the healthiest breakfast food choices for all.

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