Ways To Celebrate An Organic Holi

Lifestyle By Ada Kohli

Published March 01, 2023 Hindustan Times I

Industrial dyes, synthetic colours with toxic substances and using large amounts of water while celebrating Holi can harm the environment

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Here are some organic ways to celebrate Holi

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Natural Colours Photo Credits: Unsplash

Instead of using synthetic colours, use natural colours by using chandan powder, beetroot powder, henna, turmeric, etc

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Do Not Pollute The Environment Photo Credits: Unsplash

Play Holi in a separate area away from trees, water bodies and animals to prevent environment pollution

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Avoid Plastic Photo Credits: Unsplash

Be it plastic pichkaris or water balloons, avoid using plastic items and clean up the area after you play Holi

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Conserve Water Photo Credits: Unsplash

Opt for playing a dry Holi or using as little water as possible in order to conserve water. Once mixed with colours and synthetics, water becomes polluted and toxic

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