Vande Bharat trains vs Vande Bharat metro

Feb 8, 2023By: Kavya Mishra

Vande Bharat metro: Mini version of express trains

According to Indian Railways, the Vande Bharat Metro is expected to be a smaller/mini version of Vande Bharat trains that would cater to the needs of daily commuters to travel between big cities and their satellite towns.Credit: IANS

Vande Bharat Metro: Features

While the present Vande Bharat trains have a 16-car composition, a senior railway official said that the VB metro will be semi-high-speed trains with a shorter car compositionCredit: Twitter-Indian-Railways

VB Metro will have 8 coaches

As per the official statement, the new Vande Metro trains will comprise eight coaches and will be operated like a metro train.Credit: Twitter-CentralRailways

VB metro will run on a high frequency

The Vande Metro trains will run on a high frequency. Railways minister Vaishnaw said that Indian Railways is planning to run these trains between cities which are less than 100 km apart.Credit: Twitter-CentralRailways

Which state will get first Vande Bharat Metro?

As per media reports, Uttar Pradesh is likely to get the first Vande Metro as it is home to two big cities – Lucknow and Kanpur, which are about 90 km apart from each other.Credit: PTI

Vande Bharat Metro coming in 2024

"We are coming up with a Vande Bharat equivalent to Vande Metro. This year the design and production will be completed, and in the next financial year, a ramp-up of production of the train will be done," said Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw in his post-budget conference.Credit: Twitter-Indian-Railways

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