Feb 16, 2023'Vaathi' star Dhanush loves cooking and eating healthy foodJigyasa Kakwani

​Fans excited for new film 'Vaathi'

Dhanush will be seen playing the role of a junior lecturer in 'Vaathi' releasing on February 17.


​Dhanush's fitness A game

Dhanush regularly works out and monitors his diet to stay fit at 39.


​Hottest vegetarian celebrity

Dhanush was voted as the Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity in 2011 in a poll by PETA.


​Love for cooking

In an interview once, Dhanush had revealed that he would have become a chef if not an actor.


​Cooking from childhood

Ever since he was a kid, he enjoyed experimenting with food and cooking new things for his father.


​Preference to home-cooked food

Dhanush prefers eating home-cooked meals and is not fond of ordering from outside.


​Avoids fried food

“I avoid fried food and by nature not fond of sweets,” he said in an interview.


​Protein is a must

He ensures that his diet has more protein than carbohydrates.


​Fresh lime

He likes a refreshing and sweet fresh lime drink made from freshly squeezed lemons and some ice.


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