Mar 1, 2023Bechu S

California trapped in ice and storm

Californians got hit again Tuesday as a new winter storm moved into the already drenched and snow-plastered state.

Credit: AP

Emergency declared

San Bernardino County has declared a state of emergency, with mountain residents trapped in their homes and motorists stranded.

Credit: AP

No immediate relief

More snow was expected in many communities where residents, unable to drive through deep snow on roads that were closed anyway, largely got around on foot.

Credit: AP

Tough time for the homeless

Shelters were opened for residents who don’t have access to warm spaces.

Credit: AP

Parts of California face shut down

California’s eastern Sierra was shut down Monday evening due to whiteout conditions.

Credit: AP

Clearance - A Herculean task ahead...

Snow blocks the kitchen doorway of a house in California's San Bernardino Mountains.

Credit: AP

Snow pile up on homes

The new series of storms arrived even as parts of California were still digging out from last week’s powerful storm.

Credit: AP

Avoid travelling: Residents told

A man shovels snow around his car in Running Springs, California.

Credit: AP

Blizzard conditions prevail

A pedestrian braves past a blizzard in California's Grass Valley

Credit: AP

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