Why Twitter Blue

Costs More On

Mobile In India

Twitter Blue is making its

way to India for both PC

and mobile users this week.

Having Twitter Blue will

help people get the verified

badge (blue tick) for their account.

You also get edit tweet

button and support for

1080p video uploading.

Twitter is asking users to pay

Rs 900 per month on Android

and iOS in India.

But if you take Twitter

Blue via the web app you

pay Rs 650 per month.

Twitter has not given the

exact reason for the higher

price on mobile in India.

It is likely that Elon Musk

has factored in the 30

percent commission charged by Apple and Google.

Musk has repeatedly

shown his displeasure

with this strategy, calling it Apple/Google tax.

The new-look Twitter Blue

made its debut last year

and is priced $11 for users in countries like the US.

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