Trading vs Demat Account

Let’s Understand the Differences of Demat vs Trading Account 

What is Demat Account

Demat Account is an online account that holds all your investments in digital form. These investments can be shares, bonds, ETFs etc.,

What is Trading Account

A trading account helps you buy and sell shares. It also allows you to participate in exciting opportunities in the stock market like intraday trading, Option trading, etc.,

Do I need a Demat Account?

Yes, a Demat Account is mandatory as per Govt. and SEBI guidelines, to participate in online investing and trading. A Demat Account empowers you to invest from anywhere anytime.

Purpose of Trading Account

The purpose of a trading account is to help you buy and sell shares. All orders you place to buy and sell shares are from your trading account.

Gainers Vs Losers

On your trading app, Gainers denote shares whose price increased the most throughout that day and Losers denote those shares whose price fell the most that day.

Where to Open a Demat Account Open Demat Account with a brand that is trustworthy, has a secure and simple app and provides modern tools for trading and investing.

Trading Account with Demat Account

A demat & trading account works in harmony. A trading account allows you to place orders to buy and sell shares and a demat account digitally stores the shares you have bought.

Link Demat and Trading Account

All new-age, online brokers offer Demat & Trading accounts together. So, these accounts are already linked. You need to link your demat & trading A/c to your bank A/c for a hassle-free experience.

Open Demat, Start Investing

Investing becomes simple if you open a demat account. Choose a smart broker like Bajaj Securities and let your money grow in auto-pilot mode.