6 Dec 2022, 14:45

By: Shruti Bhattacharya Top 5 industrial IoT careers to consider

IIoT solutions architect

An architect of IoT solutions creates useful IoT uses and applications. In addition to working with business and IT stakeholders to create an IIoT vision that outlines business goals, they also assist engineers and sales teams in developing processes.

Industrial data science

Data scientists are playing more and more mission-critical roles in both IT and IoT as a result of the ongoing big data boom, as firms place an increasing amount of value on their ability to forecast outcomes.

Industrial UI/UX design

IIoT systems require user interfaces that are designed for usability, hence user interface and user experience design are becoming more and more important. These user interfaces include interfaces for robot interaction, simple production dashboards, and augmented reality apps for operations and maintenance.

IoT embedded systems design

In many IIoT applications, communication is facilitated by microprocessors, sensors, and software. Designers of embedded systems are crucial to the firmware that makes IIoT networks functional.

IIoT development

IoT developers use coding languages and common APIs to construct applications that enable IoT devices to work. The supervision of software development for particular IIoT applications is one of these developers' primary duties.