Top 10 Dishes To Try From The Kitchen Of Kashmir

By Nikita Toppo

Apart from scenic beauty, Kashmir is also known for its delicious cuisine. Here are top ten dishes you must try in your next visit to Kashmir.

Rogan Josh

Rogan josh is an aromatic lamb dish that is made with browned onions, various spices and yogurt.

Paneer Chaman

This traditional paneer dish of Kashmir has rich tomato gravy that is flavoured with aromatic fennel and cinnamon powder.

Muji Gaad

Also known as machhli mooli, this fish curry is cooked along with some diced radish. It is a winter delicacy that is served on festivals as well.


This yogurt lamb curry is flavoured with mawal flowers, black and green cardamoms, onion paste and dry mint leaves with aromatic fennel seeds.

Dum Olav

Very similar to dum aloo, this vegetarian dish is cooked with yoghurt, ginger powder, fennel and other hot spices to give it a unique flavour and aroma.


Goshatba is minced mutton cooked in flavorful yogurt gravy and spices. This dish is specially prepared on occasions like marriage and festivals.


Kahwa is a traditional tea of Kashmir that is flavoured with cardamom and infused with cloves, cinnamon, and saffron.

Modur Pulao

This sweetened rice is prepared using saffron, milk, ghee, sugar, cashew and various flavourful spices that gives it a beautiful colour and taste.


Sheermal is a saffron-flavoured flatbread that is usually relished with mutton soup.

Nadru Yakhni

This Kashmiri style lotus stem curry prepared in yogurt sauce is best served with rice or naan.

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