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During Holi, people bring out their water pistols, fill in buckets of water balloons and play with colours

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Here are some safety tips to protect your eyes during Holi

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Wear a pair of old sunglasses or protective eyewear to protect your eyes while you celebrate Holi

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Do not rub your eyes in case colour enters your eyes. Colours can enter your eyes from your hands and can cause a corneal abrasion, irritation or vision loss

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If colour gets into your eyes, it will get deposited under your contact lenses which cause a serious chemical injury. So don’t wear contact lenses while playing Holi

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Make sure you tie your hair properly and use a hairband in order to prevent colour from dripping into your eyes from your hair

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Tips To Protect Your Eyes During Holi

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Published March 04, 2023 Hindustan Times I

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