Tips To Make Your Lipstick Stay Longer

By Tanya Srivastava

2023-02-28,11:51 IST

It is likely that you frequently have to re-apply lipstick by the afternoon even though you layered a lot of it in the morning. Here are a few hacks to make your lipstick stay longer.


It's no brainer that you need a smooth slate to better apply for any makeup product. Hence, exfoliate your lips to make sure that your lipstick stays longer.


Bid your chapped lips a goodbye by moisturising it before putting on lipstick. You may also use a lip primer for the same purpose.

Use A Brush For Better Application

As easy and convenient it is to apply lipstick directly from the stick, it's true that putting it on with a brush will make it stay longer.

The Tissue Trick

This is the fastest and renowned technique for absorbing lipstick to your lips. Take a tissue and puff it on the outside to seal the vivid colour.

For the bonus tip, always outline your lips with a pencil liner to highlight your tips giving it a fuller effect.