Tips You Can Follow To Improve Credit Score

Using statistics, one may determine a person's likelihood of repaying debts by looking at their credit score. 

Your credit score is likely the first thing the credit issuer looks at when you are applying for a loan. 

Ensure that all your EMIs are paid on time and there are no outstanding amounts left for a very long time.

Defaulting on your Easy Monthly Installments on any loans or purchases is

a sure-shot way to lower your credit score. 

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The same logic applies to paying your credit card dues as well. Make these payments on time and do not default.

Using a full credit card limit affects your credit score.

Generally, credit card companies consider a credit utilization ratio above 30 percent as a sign of debt.

By having regular information about credit score, you will be able to improve it in time. 

Your credit score can draw your attention to whether you have any other loans outstanding and whether you made any mistakes when it came to repaying previous loans.

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