Great Sexual Health

Know What You Must Do For

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is an essential part of holistic health and well-being of people. Sexual Health + + + +



The concept focuses on a positive and respectful take on sexual relationships and sexuality.

It is important to use barriers such as condoms to prevent contracting any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

One of the most important aspects of sexual health is communication with your doctor or partner.

It is important to lay out your boundaries and be on the same page regarding things you and your partner agree to. + + +

It is just as important to talk about STDs, history of drug use, past sexual experiences, and other such topics to ensure everyone's safety. 

Having pleasurable sexual experiences is also an integral part of optimum sexual health.

It is essential to understand what you like and what you want from your partner.

Get an HIV/STI test done and urge your partner as well. 

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