People suffering from breathing problems like Asthma, rhinitis, etc must take necessary precautions on the festival of Holi

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Here are some tips to have a safe Holi for people suffering from Asthma

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Wear a mask

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Wearing a mask helps create a barrier between your breathing organs and colours. It keeps harmful colour particles from entering your nasal tract

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Maintain distance from Holika Dahan

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Plumes of smoke emerging during the Holika Dahan ritual can trigger asthma attacks as it contains various harmful chemicals and pollutants

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Do not play with colours

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Avoid playing with colours, especially with dry ones as they remain suspended in the air for a long time. They can enter the lungs and cause breathing issues

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 Keep your inhaler with you

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Always carry your inhaler with you as asthma triggers such as pollutants, colour particles, smoke, fragrance and allergens are suspended in the air almost everywhere on Holi

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Avoid alcohol 

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Avoid alcohol consumption on Holi as it can trigger asthma symptoms in some patients. Instead, consume healthy drinks like fruit and vegetable juices or traditional thandai

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If you are suffering from chronic asthma, make sure to consult your physician before playing Holi and visit the doctor immediately if you have trouble breathing

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