The 10 fastest trains in the world

The Shanghai Maglev is the first passenger train in the world to use magnetic levitation and the world's fastest train (Maglev) Between Pudong Airport and Longyan Road Station in the heart of Shanghai, 

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TWS ArrowShanghai Maglev: 460 kph/286 mph (China)

The CR400 "Fuxing" trains have even clocked test speeds of 420 km (260 mph) per hour, which is their top commercial speed limit. The technology utilised in high-speed trains in Europe and Japan served as a model for the development of the trains.

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TWS ArrowCR400 'Fuxing': 350 kph/217 mph (China)

Germans are famed for their efficiency and speed,   the third-fastest train in the world can be found in this nation. , the ICE3, can travel up to 330 kilometres per hour (205mph). The ICE3 trains' astounding 11,000 horsepower comes from sixteen electric motors

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TWS ArrowICE3: 330 kph/205 mph (Germany)

Trains from Paris to Eastern France, London, and Southern Germany are operated by the French railroad TGV. Several of these routes have train service at speeds of up to 320 km/h. France has been renowned throughout the world for developing high-speed rail technologies.

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TWS ArrowTGV: 320 kph/198.5 mph (France)

The E5 Bullet Trains of the Tohoku Shinkansen railway, which travel from Tokyo to Shin-Aomori at 320 kilometres per hour, are the fastest trains in Japan.  

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TWS ArrowJR East E5 -- 320 kph/198.5 mph (Japan)

Al Boraq, the only high-speed railroad in Africa, is proudly owned and operated by Morocco. The trains, which run between Tangier and Casablanca, have an astounding top speed of 

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TWS Arrow'Al Boraq': 320 kph/198.5 mph (Morocco)

The AVE (Alta Velocidad Espaa) has made travelling between Barcelona and Madrid considerably simpler and operates at a commercial speed of 310 km/h (193 mph). The S-102 Talgo and S-103 "Velaro" trains a re the two fastest high-speed trains in Spain.

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TWS ArrowAVE S-103: 310 kph/193 mph (Spain)

The Frecciarossa, or "Red Arrow" in English, is a line of high-speed trains operated by Italian State Railways that was unveiled in 2017. The Red Arrow trains have an amazing top speed of 400 km/h (250 mph) with an output of 10,000 horsepower.

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TWS ArrowTrenitalia ETR1000: 360 kph/223.6 mph (Italy)

The KTX-I trains make the trip from Seoul to Busan quick and efficient. With top speeds of 305 km/h (190 mph), travellers can now complete the trip in less than half the time; what once took four hours now takes just over two.

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TWS ArrowKTX-I High-Speed Railway: 305 kph/190 mph (South Korea)

The HHR trains have a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), which makes the trip between the two cities quick—it may be finished in about two hours as opposed to up to ten hours by car.

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TWS ArrowHaramain High-Speed Railway: 300 kph/186 mph (Saudi Arabia)

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