Suffering From Diabetes? Avoid These Fruits 

By Tanisha Salwan

If you are a diabetic, you should be watchful about what you eat as your diet can play a crucial role. 

Fruits have a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber but there are some fruits that you must avoid. This is because these fruits are high in sugar and can put a negative impact.  


Bananas have high carbohydrates and high content of sugar. They can lead to hike in blood sugar level and weight gain. 


Mangoes are loaded with carbs and sugar and could be dangerous for diabetics. Mangoes should be avoided. 


Another fruit high in carbs and sugar is pineapple. This fruit can increase your blood sugar levels and thus, should be avoided. 


This dried fruit is high in sugar and calories. Raisins should be avoided during diabetes as they can lead to hike in blood sugar levels.


Figs are healthy but have a high sugar content. One should avoid or at least limit the consumption of figs during diabetes. 

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