Spotify Launches AI-Powered ‘DJ’ Feature Using OpenAI Technology

Spotify has launched an AI-powered DJ for an improved personalised music listening experience 

Spotify’s AI-powered

‘DJ’ feature

Spotify’s DJ feature will give out a curated list of music alongside AI-powered commentary about tracks and artists using what the app calls a “stunningly realistic voice”

Spotify premium

feature - Spotify DJ

Spotify is using user’s data such as their favourite songs at different times of the day, favourite artists and much more which the AI tool can use to curate a perfect Spotify playlist for the listeners 

AI-generated playlist

on Spotify Premium 

Source: TechCrunch

The OpenAI-powered feature of Spotify is still in its Beta testing phase and is only available in English for Spotify premium users in the US and Canada

Beta version of Spotify DJ

Some of the already existing popular Spotify playlists are:

-  Discover Weekly Back

- Your Time Capsule - Songs to Sing in the Car - All Out 2000s - Workout playlists such as Chasing sunsets, Power Hour  Spotify’s popular playlists 

Spotify’s DJ feature is a combination of AI voice from 2022 Sonantic acquisition, Generative AI through OpenAI technology, which will aim at choosing culturally relevant music for its listeners 

Spotify DJ - Features

Here are the simple steps to enable Spotify DJ

- Open the Spotify App

- Head to your Music Feed on Spotify mobile app's home screen on iOS or Android devices - Tap play on DJ card on Spotify App - Tab back on the DJ card to disable Spotify DJ How to enable DJ mode in Spotify

Spotify Wrapped, which is a famous year-end music wrap for its listeners, is already generated via AI tools and with Spotify DJ, the music app will further advance its integration with the AI-powered tech 

Spotify Wrapped 

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