Spooky AI images featuring haunted

side of Old Delhi

Spooky AI images

Old Delhi packs in a lot of secrets and unknown tales. But imagine, encountering a ghost or a spirit in the walled city! Digital artist Prateek Arora revisited the dimly lit streets of Puraani Dilli with an AI-generated spooky touch

Spooky AI images of

Old Delhi

Prateek Arora named the AI collection ‘Old Delhi by night’. Check out these AI-generated ghostly portraits 

Prateek Arora creates

spooky AI images

Prateek created these spooky Old Delhi images of ghostly creatures walking among the living, with the help of Artificial Intelligence software, Midjourney

AI-generated images

Prateek Arora’s Twitter thread on AI-generated images of Old Delhi has garnered 40.6K views and more than 430 likes 

Images created via

Artificial Intelligence

From the spirit of an Old Delhi bride to a man eating his food in a restaurant, the AI-generated images have been a treat for the netizens

AI images of Indian

wedding couples

AI is fast gaining prominence among the artists. A month back, Twitter used named @bagardh created AI-generated images of Indian wedding couples which created quite a stir online as many debated the stereotypical depiction of couples from different states

AI images of

snow-covered Delhi 

Then an artist fulfilled the dream of Delhiites by portraying Delhi during a snowfall with the help of AI. Iconic Delhi monuments like India Gate were shown covered in snow 

AI chatbots - ChatGPT,

Google Bard

The application of AI has not been limited to these artists, the rise in AI-backed chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard are definitely paving a way for a change in the tech world 

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Produced by: Bhoomika

Designed by: Pragati Next Visual Story 

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