Signs you are attractiveKanakanjali Roy

Feb 27, 2023

People are drawn to you

When a person is attractive, people feel the urge to know you better.

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People contact you out of the blue

When people find you attractive, they contact you out of the blue and try to be your friend and stay in touch with you.

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People seek your advice

Attractive people are found to be more intelligent and they try seeking your advice.

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You have a personal style

Dressing well is one of the most important aspects of being attractive. If you have a style of your own, know that you are attractive to others.

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People love your smile

When you are attractive to other people, they seem to like your smile.

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A fairly active dating life

If you have a fairly active dating life, know that you are attractive.

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People stare at you

You may often find people staring at you, if you are attractive.

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People love talking to you

If you are attractive, you may often find people trying to converse with you.

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