Signs that someone is thinking of you

Shruti Rhode

Feb 28, 2023

Random goosebumps

It is quite common for your subconscious mind to know that someone is thinking of you with just some random goosebumps.

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Unexpected emotions

When you're in a happy mood but feel a random gush of saddness, that's a sign!

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Eye Twitching

Do you feel your eye randomly twitching? There's the sign you're looking for...

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White Feather

One of the most romantic signs ever is spotting a white feather. That says more than you need

to know ... Credit: Pexels

Dreams About Them

The most common sign is having a dream about the person you're hoping is thinking about you.

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Bouts of sneezing

One of the most common signs said and discussed around the world is if you sneeze especially when you don't have a cold.

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Desire to be with the person

When you get a random thought in the middle of the day to be with the person is one of the most prominent signs.

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Smiling Without Knowing

If you catch yourself smiling without any reason, they are definitely thinking about you.

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If you find yourself randomly hyper or restless, be certain they are thinking of you.

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