Should you have banana stem raw?

We reached out to an expert to understand more about raw banana stem and whether it can be eaten raw.

The stem, which has a crispy texture and a mild, sweet-tart flavour, can be consumed raw, informed Garima Goyal, a registered dietitian.

“Banana stem is basically the stalk of the flower of banana tree. The outer layer is fibrous and green in colour — this is inedible and must not be consumed. The inside core is the edible portion,” she said.

The expert added that banana stem is an extremely powerful remedy for constipation as its a natural diuretic.

“Its rich vitamin B6 and potassium content also makes it an ideal food choice for diabetics and hypercholesterolemic patients," Goyal said.

It also helps to synthesise haemoglobin and treat anaemia, she concluded.

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