How Southern Actors Got Popular Titles


was given the ‘Superstar’ title after the release of the 1978 film ‘Bairavi’.


was originally called Ilaya Thalapathy (young commander). In 2017, Vijay and director Atlee decided to change his epithet to Thalapathy, which means commander or leader.

was given the title Megastar by producer KS Rama Rao during the release of the 1988 movie Marana Mrudangam. Chiranjeevi

Mahesh Babu’s

debut film Raja Kumarudu, with Preity Zinta in 1999, was a major commercial success and earned him the title of Prince of Tollywood.

Ram Charan

is hailed as Mega Power Star. He was reportedly given this tag after fans decided to combine the titles of his father Chiranjeevi (Megastar) and uncle Pawan Kalyan (Power Star).

Allu Arjun

always keeps experimenting with his looks in every film. No wonder, he is called the Stylish Star.


got the title of Darling after he starred in the 2010 romantic comedy ‘Darling’.

Naveen Kumar Gowda

famously known as ‘Rocking Star’ Yash got the tag of ‘Rocking Star’ after he acquired his first hit as a solo hero with ‘Modalasala’ in 2010.

Pawan Kalyan

holds a Black Belt in Karate. He also worked as a stunt coordinator. It’s no surprise he is called ‘Power Star’ by fans.

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