Precautions before and after red light therapy

Before the therapy: In general, the use of salicylic acids, BHAs, and retinols is encouraged in the days leading up to your RLT treatment. 

These ingredients can help to clear clogged pores, keep skin moisturised, and help in healthy cell growth. These can all maximise the results of the treatment.

It’s best not to introduce any new products to your skin right before your appointment, as there is always a risk of adverse reaction to a product you’ve never used before.

Products to avoid: One of the most important things to avoid leading up to your RLT appointment is the use of sunscreens. That’s because sunscreens can actually block the infrared light waves that are used during a session. 

Other tips to prepare: Another step you can take to prepare your skin for RLT is to use a face massager or face roller in the hour or so leading up to your appointment.

These rollers can stimulate blood circulation to the treatment area, which can maximise the effectiveness of your RLT session.

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