Powerful Ways To Increase Motivation

Lifestyle By Ada Kohli

Published Feb 28, 2023 Hindustan Times I

Create A Routine Video Credits: Pexels

Creating a daily or weekly routine will make you look forward towards your scheduled activities and is a great way to maintain a balance in life

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Find A Purpose Photo Credits: Unsplash

Finding a purpose in your work, studies or life in general is a huge motivator. It drives you to create a meaningful mark and motivates you to work with passion

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Mindfulness Photo Credits: Unsplash

Practicing mindfulness can help you reduce and deal with stress effectively. It can also increase motivation by providing you with a different perspective

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Set Measurable Goals Photo Credits: Unsplash

Another great way to increase motivation is to combine small tasks and set measurable goals

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Celebrate Your Results Photo Credits: Unsplash

Celebrating your success on being recognised or appreciated increases motivation and drives you to pursue your goals

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