Oppo Set To Challenge Apple And Google In 2024: What It Means


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Oppo is the latest tech giant planning for its own chipset like Apple and Google.

New reports this week say Oppo will launch this chipset in 2024.

Oppo already has built NPUs and connectivity chips but SoC is a different proposition.

The new report says Oppo could use TSMC expertise to built the 4nm process chip.

The chip design is almost ready and will be going into production this year.

Oppo having its own chipset will allow the  company to have better control over the software.

Apple has benefited from this approach for years, Google is starting to see the benefits.

Oppo going in-house for chipset means Qualcomm and MediaTek could lose more partners.

Oppo using a 4nm chip process means it could have flagship-like qualities.

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