Not-so-romantic Italy: Gandolas sit idle, Venice canals go dryPragati Pal

Feb 23, 2023

'Famous' dry canals

Venice's famous canals are running dry because of low tides and lack of rainfall.

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'Not so romantic Venice'

Venice, which is known for its winding network of canals and hence is a favourite holiday spot for couples, seems to have lost its charm.

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Staionary Gandolas

The unusually low tides are making it impossible for gondolas, water taxis and ambulances to navigate some of the famous canals in Venice.

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Unusually low tides

A number of factors are set to be responsible for the current drought-like conditions in Venice including the lack of rain and a high-pressure system.

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Withered canals

Weeks of dry winter have left Venice's canals dry.

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Traditional gondolas and water taxis are facing difficulties due to the low water levels.

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Docked boats

Traditional gondolas and water taxis are affected by the low water levels.

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Lack of rainfall

Italian rivers and lakes are suffering from a severe lack of water, the Legambiente environmental group informed. (via The Guardian)

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Idle water taxis

Boats and water taxis seen docked along a dried canal in Venice.

Credit: AP

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