New OTT releases this week: Mission Majnu, Chhatriwali, Jhansi, The Last of Us, and more start reading

1. Mission Majnu

Release Date: January 20th

Streaming Platform: Netflix Mission Majnu is a spy thriller movie based on events before and during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War – when India carried out the deadliest covert operation ever. India decided to send an undercover agent to Pakistan to expose a nuclear weapon program. While the agent tries to expose this illegal program, he falls in love with a visually impaired girl Nasreen. Will he be able to fulfil his professional and personal duties simultaneously?

2. Fauda Season 4

Release Date: January 20th

Streaming Platform: Netflix The story of this longest-running show in Israel follows the life of Doron Kavilio – the commander of the Mista'arvim unit, which is a counter-terrorism unit. This time the threat for Doron and his team has doubled as they need to fight two terrorist groups – Hezbollah activists from Lebanon and Palestinian militants in the West Bank.

3. Chhatriwali

Release Date: January 20th

Streaming Platform: ZEE5 Chhatriwali is a rom-com drama film that revolves around safe sex education, which is still a taboo subject in our country. The protagonist works at a condom manufacturing factory that she hasn't revealed to everyone yet. Due to certain circumstances, she decides to educate young school kids about safe sex. Will she be able to fight this societal taboo and bring about the much-needed change?

4. The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2

Release Date: January 20th

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video The band of eight intrepid heroes are on a more dangerous mission than last time when they saved the mystical fantasy realm from the most frightening power couple in Exandria. Now, they have to fight the terrifying and menacing group of dragons – Chroma Conclave. These dragons are not ordinary dragons, but gifted ones as they can turn into humans and cause mayhem in the realm.

5. Indu Season 2

Release Date: January 20th

Streaming Platform: Hoichoi Indu Season 2 promises to be filled with twists and turns. Not only will the audience get answers to some of the questions that might have been bothering them since the first season finale, but will also get to uncover the truth behind the shocking secrets of the family. Also, it will be quite interesting to see how Indu, played by Ishaa Saha, solves her husband's murder case, in which she is the prime suspect.

6. Jhansi Season 2

Release Date: January 19th

Streaming Platform: Disney Plus Hotstar In Jhansi Season 2, a courageous cop and a doting mother Jhansi have to take up new challenges. The most problematic of all the challenges is her past, which is catching up with her present and making it difficult for her to lead a normal life.

7. Women at War

Release Date: January 19th

Streaming Platform: Netflix Women at War is a period drama limited series set during the war in France in 1914. While men are at the frontline defending their country, women have to deal with the devastating effects of the war at home. The plot centres around four female characters whose destinies get intertwined during the war.

8. Kaapa

Release Date: January 19th

Streaming Platform: Netflix Kaapa is a crime action thriller film that revolves around gory gang wars for dominance over the suburbs and slums of the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. While gangs fight for control over the dark underbelly of the city, a common henchman Kotta Madhu gains prominence and starts to rule over the crime world.

9. Vengeance

Release Date: January 16th

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video New York journalist Ben Manalowitz flies to Texas to attend the funeral Abby Shaw, a girl he met a few times. However, the family thinks of him to be Abby's boyfriend. Later, Abby's brother Ty tries to convince him to avenge his sister's death as he feels she was murdered. Ben sees this as an opportunity to work on a story, and hence, starts investigating Abby's murder.

10. The Last of US

Streaming Platform: Disney Plus Hotstar

The Last of Us HBO is an adaptation of the hit PlayStation game and is set in a post-apocalyptic USA. One of the survivors is a 14-year-old girl who happens to be humanity's last hope. Her safety is the responsibility of a hardened middle-aged survivor Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal), who thinks of Ellie as just cargo that he needs to deliver safely. Release Date: January 16th