New OTT releases this week: An Action Hero, Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke, Narvik, and more

1. An Action Hero

Streaming Platform: Netflix

An Action Hero is about a youth icon who rules the hearts of millions of fans until he is forced to live in hiding after he gets involved in an accident while filming in Haryana. He flies to London and starts living there, but soon his past catches up with him, turning his life upside down.

2. 18 Pages

Streaming Platform: Netflix

18 Pages is a rom-com movie revolving around a young tech expert Siddhu and a beautiful girl with short-term memory loss Nandini. She keeps a journal to keep track of her life despite her condition which Siddhu accidentally discovers on road. Siddhu falls in love with Nandini after reading her diary, which is only '18 pages' and decides to look for this mysterious girl.

3. You People

Streaming Platform: Netflix

You People is a rom-com drama revolving around Ezra Cohen and Amira Mohammed. Although they both love each other and want to get married, their respective families do not seem to gel well. Not only do Ezra and Amira have to deal with their families' different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, but they also have to handle generational differences and societal expectations.

4. Lockwood & Co.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The story is set in London where two teenage boys – Anthony Lockwood and George Karim run a tiny ghost-hunting startup – Lockwood & Co. They are joined by a gifted girl Lucy Carlyle, who can listen to spirits. Soon the teenage trio tackle perilous combat with ghosts plaguing London in the dark. Their most daunting mission is to put a stop to a conspiracy that will change the course of history.

5. Shotgun Wedding

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Shotgun Wedding is a romantic action comedy movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel as the lead pair. The couple opts for an extravagant destination wedding on a beautiful island. Everything is going well with the wedding ceremonies. But, just like many couples, they get cold feet and while they try to figure things out, the wedding gets hijacked by criminals and their families have been taken hostage.

6. Shrinking

Streaming Platform: Apple TV+

Shrinking is a comedy-drama, starring Jason Segel as the main protagonist. He plays the role of a grief-stricken therapist who is upset to a point that he starts to ignore his professional training and ethics and starts telling his patients what he exactly thinks is the solution to their respective problems. Surprisingly, this change makes his and his clients' lives better.

7. Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke

Streaming Platform: ZEE5

Kavya Iyer is an IPS officer and a single mother who has successfully accomplished dangerous missions. However, her latest mission – ISIS-K bomb attack investigation – is the most dangerous mission that she has ever tackled so far. She has to not only deal with the danger of terror attacks but also the threat of Naxalite insurgencies. Will she be able to safeguard her team as well as the nation?

8. Ayali

Streaming Platform: ZEE5

It centres around a young girl Tamizhselvi who defies age-old customs and traditions to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. However, she faces several challenges as she lives in a very remote village where women are deemed fit only for household chores. These women have been inadvertently suppressed and no one has ever tried to challenge or change or overcome it.

9. Narvik

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The movie is a Norwegian World Warld II thriller about a small town named Narvik in the northern part of Norway. It showcases the first defeat that Hitler faced after two months of fierce winter warfare. This resulted in the disruption of the supply of iron ore that was key to Hitler's war machinery. It also has some drama revolving around the life of a Norwegian soldier who comes across some shocking revelations about his wife.

10. Dhamaka

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The film stars Ravi Teja in a double role – as a poor, unemployed Swamy Vivekananda Rao and as a highly successful multimillionaire Anand Chakravarthy. They both have never crossed paths. The problem begins when a beautiful girl Pranavi (essayed by Sreeleela) falls in love with both of the boys. Soon, fate brings them together and they have to fight a common enemy and solve their love-triangle.