Netflix Cuts

Subscription Prices

In Select Markets

Netflix has decreased

subscription prices in

specific countries to sustain its subscriber growth.

Following the news,

Netflix's stock declined

by nearly 5%.

The streaming industry

is experiencing intense

competition as the pandemic boom fades.

According to the Wall Street

Journal, price cuts were implemented

in select countries across Asia, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East.

The subscription cost

reduction applies only to

specific tiers of Netflix in those markets, and in some cases, the cost was reduced by 50%.

Netflix is expanding its

presence in newer international

markets as the U.S. and Canada markets reach saturation.

The company recently unveiled plans to tackle password sharing on its platform.

In Q4 2022, Netflix added

7.6 million subscribers,

bouncing back from the subscriber losses.

However, in the last three

months of 2022, the average

revenue per membership dropped across regions.

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