Museum of Art and Photography opens in Bengaluru 

The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) opened its doors for public at Bengaluru's Kasturba Road with its inaugural series titled 'Art is Life: New Beginnings'.

'Art is Life' is a week-long event from February 18 till today dedicated to celebrating art and the community.

Acoording to its official website, the architectural framework of the museum is designed at promoting a sense of openness.

Designed by architect Soumitro Ghosh, the building also features a strong focus on accessibility, to support visitors with special needs and disabilities, the site added.

MAP is custodian to a growing collection of over 18,000 works of art, predominantly from South Asia and dating from the 10th century to the present.

While preserving the nation’s rich artistic heritage is the primary goal, the museum is keenly sensitive to the positive role a cultural institution can play in the development and progress of the society.

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