Modern Dating terms you must know in 2023

Vanshika Vasundhare

Feb 28, 2023

2023 Dating Terms

Tinder, the world's most popular dating app for meeting new people, releases its Modern Dating Dictionary in India - a glossary of love language that Tinder members in the country swear by.

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Dating Terminology 2023

Inspired by young dater’s diverse experiences, this dictionary is a comprehensive glossary of trending dating terms that you should have in your toolbelt as you navigate modern love. Tap to read.

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Young singles are increasingly becoming more intentional with how they spend their time and what they are looking for. They

are embracing open-mindedness and seek casual - yet clearly defined - situationships as the default relationship status. Credit: Unsplash

Sober Dating

Young daters are increasingly challenging traditional dating norms and opting for more creative, authentic and

sometimes sober ways to get to know one another. Over 72 per cent of members said on their Tinder profiles that they don’t drink or only drink occasionally. Credit: Unsplash


TLC: Tender Loving Care. Self-care is the new flex for young daters. They are all about

being the best version of themselves. It’s about giving that extra attention and love to their physical, emotional, mental and sexual well-being before they show up for anyone else. Credit: Unsplash

You Up

You Up celebrates the endless possibilities of moments and experiences in the online dating world.

It’s about putting yourself out there, exploring your individuality and seeking the kind of connections you want, on your own terms. Credit: Unsplash

Swipe Right Material

Daters today have become more fluid, self-aware and comfortable with presenting their authentic self socially. SwipeRightMaterial is

when young daters are able to be their unique self, embrace their quirks unapologetically and wear their heart on their sleeve. Credit: Unsplash


A date that feels more like an interview because no natural conversation develops, but a person constantly processes their questions. Of course, it can be eerie to meet someone IRL after only knowing them online.

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A relationship between people who will often text each other, but rarely meet. The kind of relationship that’s mainly based on

texting each other most of the time with little to no face-to-face meetings. Credit: Unsplash


ENM: Ethical Non-Monogamy. An assortment of different types of relationships one may have based on mutual respect, intimacy and

without any label of exclusivity. This type of relationship can only work IRL if it's based on consent. Credit: Unsplash

Love Haze

Falling too head over heels in love and unable to

see a person's flaws. It's important to look for both red flags and green signs to suss out your date. Credit: Unsplash

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