Mika Singh and his swanky car collectionTaru Bhatia

Mar 2, 2023

Mika Singh's luxurious car collection

Amrik Singh, who is popularly known as singer Mika Singh, recently gifted a luxurious Mercedes to his childhood friend.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Mika Singh lives life King size

Mika is a proud owner of a slew of swanky cars, that alone take his net worth to Rs 10 crores approximately.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Mika Singh net worth

Mika Singh's total net worth is around Rs 63 crores.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Ford Mustang

Mika Singh is a proud owner of Ford Mustang, which costs around Rs 76 lakh in India.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Hummer H3

Singer Mika Singh owns a full customised Hummer H3, which costs around Rs 80 lakhs.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Lamborghini Gallardo

Mika Singh owns swanky Lamborghini Gallardo tat ranges between Rs 2.11 crores and Rs 3.06 crores.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Mercedes GLS 350 D

Mika Singh has the luxurious Mercedes GLS 350 D, which costs around Rs 88 lakh in India.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Porsche Panamera

Mika Singh's car collection also features a lavish Porsche Panamera that costs Rs 1.57 crores in India.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

Range Rover Autobiography Limo

Mika Singh also owns Range Rover Autobiography Limo, which costs Rs 3.75 crore in India.

Credit: Instagram/mikasingh

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