Brings Satellite Tech

For Smartphones To MWC 2023

MediaTek is now

ready to offer satellite

communication tech for smartphones.

Apple introduced the

feature on iPhone 14

series last year.

MediaTek will be

showcasing the tech at

Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona.

Satellite connectivity lets you

send message from places

without any mobile network.

Qualcomm and Samsung

claim their satellite tech offers

two-way messaging service.

Qualcomm announced its

tech at the Consumer

Electronics Show 2023 earlier this year.

MediaTek is bringing 3GPP

Non-Terrestrial Network

(NTN) to its chipset for smartphones.

First phone to use the

new chipset will be from

a brand called Bullitt, with others to follow.

Android 14 launching in

2023 is also going to offer

native support for the satellite tech.

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