Lowest Brokerage

Charges in India for Online Trading

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Brokerage is the charge you pay while investing or trading. For every BUY and SELL transaction you pay a nominal fee to your stockbroker.

Brokerage charges are different for full-service and discount stockbrokers. While full-service brokers charge around 0.3-0.5% of transaction value, discount stockbrokers charge a flat fee per order.

How to Choose the Right Broker?

Choosing the right broker based on brokerage charges

1. Choose a broker that offers the lowest charges for your preferred mode of trading 2. A secure platform and a trusted brand name are equally important 3. Check for any hidden charges before account opening

Lowest Brokerage Charges in India

Lowest brokerage charges are offered by discount stockbrokers. However, different discount brokers offer different brokerage plans.

1. The standard brokerage fee across most discount stockbrokers is Rs. 20 per order 3. Bajaj Securities offers low brokerage fees in India 2. Brokers offer customized benefits for their demat account holders

List of BFSL Brokerage Plans

With decades of trust, a secure platform and one of the lowest brokerage charges, Bajaj Financial Securities Limited is a trusted name in this industry.

Bajaj Securities Brokerage Plans 1. BFSL Freedom Pack: Open a free demat account and enjoy trading at Rs.20 per order 2. BFSL Professional Pack: Pay half the brokerage with flat Rs. 10 per order for all segments (F&O, Intraday, & Delivery) 3. Bajaj Privilege Club: Avail one of the lowest charges in India with BPC. Pay flat brokerage of Rs. 5 per order for all segments

Live Your Financial Freedom with the

BFSL Freedom Pack

1. Rs. 0 for account opening* 2. Rs. 20 per order brokerage for Intraday, Delivery & F&O 3. Margin Trading Financing @18% 4. Access to advanced charts and tools *Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) of Rs. 431 from the second year onwards

Save 50% of your brokerage with the BFSL Professional Pack

1. Flat Rs. 10 per order for trading in all segments – Intraday, Delivery and F&O

2. Avail Margin Trade Financing on Delivery Trading at 12.5% per annum Annual Subscription of Rs. 2500 (includes GST)

Bajaj Privilege Club

Every Pro Trader’s Choice

1. Save 75% brokerage with flat Rs. 5 per order across segments 2. Avail one of the lowest interest rates in India on Margin Trade Financing 3. Annual Subscription Charges Rs. 9999 (includes GST) 4. Dedicated Dealer support for our Privilege Customers