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Feb 28, 2023

Addition: ​Bank of Baroda

This is the latest addition to the MSCI global standard index. Analysts are hoping that the inflow due to the addition of BoB will be $136 million, twice its 20-day average volume.

Credit: PTI

Addition: CG Power

Analysts are expecting an inflow of $164 million due to the addition of CG Power. This is nearly 11 times 20-day average volume.

Credit: Times Network

Deletion: Biocon

Analysts believe that the exclusion of Biocon from the MSCI global standard index will result in an outflow of $65 million. This, according to analysts is seven times its 20-day average volume.

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Stocks with reduced weightage

Besides, stocks which have witnessed reduction in weightage in the index include Adani Enterprises, HCL Tech, ACC among others. This is expected to lead to an outflow of $11-102 million dollars, according to analysts.

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Stocks with increased weightage

The following stocks have undergone a slight increase in weightage. They include - Reliance, Infy, TCS, ICICI Bank, HDFC. This could lead to an inflow of $3-8 million USD.

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MSCI Global Small Cap Index

There are about 25 additions to the MSCI global small cap index and four stocks have been removed. They include - Cartrade, CG Power, Johnson Controls and Shilpa Medicare.

Credit: PTI

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