People of Barsana and Nandgaon in Uttar Pradesh celebrated Lathmar Holi. Here are some pics of people celebrating the festival

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Lathmar Holi is a traditional celebration in which women of Barsana hit men playfully using wooden sticks (lathi) and men defend themselves using a shield

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Here's a glimpse of women of Barsana hitting men with wooden sticks and men defending themselves during Lathmar Holi

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People at Barsana were smeared with Holi colours and danced with sticks at Nandagram temple in Nandgaon village

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Here, people can be seen throwing colours on each other during the celebration

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Here's another pic of men and women playing Lathmar Holi as several others witness the celebration

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Hundreds of men and women participated in this fun-filled event to celebrate love and friendship

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This festival attracts visitors from across the world to witness India's cultural heritage and the  grand celebration of Holi

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Published Mar 06, 2023 Heading 3

Lathmar Holi Celebration In Barsana

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