Feb 18, 2023

A long journey for the big cats:

The second batch of cheetahs has reached India from the faraway jungles of Africa.

Credit: Twitter

IAF gets job done, again!

An IAF C-17 aircraft that brought 12 cheetahs from

South Africa's Johannesburg landed at Air Force Station Gwalior after a 10-hour flight on Saturday morning. Credit: ANI

Reaches destination via sky:

From the Air Force Station Gwalior, the cheetahs were further airlifted in IAF helicopters to the Kuno National Park.

Credit: ANI

From transport aircraft to choppers:

IAF's Mi-17 helicopters were used to transport the cats to KNP in Sheopur from Gwalior.

Credit: ANI

After Namibia, comes South Africa:

These cheetahs - seven males and five females - comprise the second set of big cats coming to India, with the first group of eight from Namibia having been released into the KNP on September 17 last year.

Credit: Twitter

What's next for the cheetahs?

After the cheetahs are offloaded,

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Union Minister for Environment and Forests Bhupender Yadav would release them into quarantine. Credit: ANI

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