Kriti Sanon meets Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with her family

(Photo: Nupur Sanon/Instagram) Kriti Sanon, along with her sister Nupur Sanon and their parents, met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

(Photo: Nupur Sanon/Instagram) "I feel so fortunate and honoured to have met Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Mumbai,"  wrote Nupur Sanon.

(Photo: Nupur Sanon/Instagram) "His smile, his energy and most importantly taking his blessings made us feel so loved, " she added.

(Photo: Nupur Sanon/Instagram) "So thankful to have got time to share my thoughts with him and learn from him. Went back home with a calm mind and a happy heart. :) 😇💛, " wrote Nupur.

(Photo: Geeta Sanon/Instagram) Kriti and Nupur Sanon's mother Geeta shared this photo and wrote, "Being with Family is happiness 🥰❤️🧿🧿."

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