Prachi Kiran       Feb 23, 2023

Here goes the list of students of Class 10 and Class 12 from different State Boards in India, who withdrew from appearing in the examination:

The following data was gathered from the Project Approval Board (PAB) minutes of the meetings held under the Ministry of Education to debate the "Samagra Shiksha" programme for 2022–2023.

According to a recent poll by the National Statistics Office (NSO), 12.6% of Indian pupils drop out of school, 19.8% of them do so in secondary school, and 17.5% do so in upper primary.

In Kerala, 7.1% of secondary school students dropped out, compared to 8.41% in Uttarakhand and 10.17% in Goa.

According to a recent UNICEF poll, 25 percent of married girls and 33 percent of those who labor at home for domestic purposes drop out of school.

According to government data, more than a dozen states had secondary school dropout rates that were greater than the national average of 14.6%, including West Bengal, Gujarat, Bihar, and Tripura.

The secondary dropout rate in 2020–21 was 21.4% in Bihar, 23.3% in Gujarat, 23.8% in Madhya Pradesh, 16.4% in Odisha, 16.6% in Jharkhand, 16.6% in Tripura, and 16.6% in Karnataka, according to the PAB.

The Government sees dropout as a roadblock to realising the goal of a 100% Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) at the school level by 2030 set forth in the new National Education Policy.


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