Chinese university invents kissing device for those in long-distance relationships

China’s Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology has invented a unique ‘kissing device’ for long-distance couples

‘Kissing device’ invented

by Chinese university

The device with silicone lips has pressure sensors and actuators. Besides mimicking the kissing motion, the device can also transmit the sound the user makes

How does ‘kissing

device’ work? 

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To be able to use the device, users need to download a mobile phone app and plug the device into their phone’s charging port. Couples can then start a video call and transmit replicas of their kisses to each other after pairing with their partners

Users need to download mobile app

The app also allows users to pair with strangers on its ‘kissing square’ feature. Two strangers can ask to exchange smooches if they match successfully and like each other. Here, users can also upload their kisses for others to download and experience

Can pair with strangers

on the app 

The ‘kissing device’ is available on the Chinese shopping site Taobao at price of 288 yuan or $41

How much does the

device cost? 

The ‘kissing device’ has been invented by Jiang Zhongli. A graduate of China’s Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology, he applied for a patent in 2019 but it ended in January 2023

Meet the inventor of

the ‘kissing device’

Zhongli told the Chinese government-run Global Times that when he was in a long-distance relationship in university and the only contact he had with his girlfriend was through phone. He added this is the inspiration behind the origin of the kissing device 

Why did Jiang Zhongli invent the device? 

Malaysia’s Imagineering Institute launched Kissinger in 2016. Kissinger came in the form of touch-sensitive silicone pads

Is this the first invention

of this nature? 

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