Karishma Tanna's

Sexy Bikini Moments

Karishma Tanna looks

super sexy in a dark

blue monokini. + + + + +

Looks gorgeous as

she soaks up the 

sun in a trendy swimsuit. + + + + + +

Karishma flaunts

her long legs in the

blue swimsuit.

Doesn't she look

gorgeous as she poses

by the pool in grey bikini?

Karishma looks

stunning in an emerald

green bikini. + + +

Karishma looks

graceful in a blue

monokini. + + +

The diva looks sultry

in a blue halter-neck


Karishma strikes

a fun pose as she enjoys

pool time.

Karishma poses on the

beach in a stunning

fluorescent bikini.

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