iPhones Could Soon

Get Reverse Wireless

Charging Feature

Apple continues to work on

reverse wireless charging

feature for iPhones.

The company was expected to

offer the feature on iPhone 14

Pro but engineering issues affected its release.

Apple has always wanted

its hardware to be fine-

tuned with the software.

Even today you cannot use the

iPhone to wirelessly charge

the AirPods, something that most Android flagships do.

Apple is unlikely to

launch a half-baked

product or feature just to make its point.

We saw this with the AirPower

multi-device wireless charger

that Apple decided against launching because of issues.

Apple could take its

time once again, like it has

done with other features over the years.

Apple led the industry by

ditching the headphone jack

on iPhones and then offer Qi wireless charging.

Apple has offered MagSafe

wireless charging through the

coil, and now it could introduce that on the iPhone itself.

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