Hrithik Roshan's girlfriend Saba Azad is a rapchik Rock Chick!

Feb 27, 2023Nairita Mukherjee

Saba & Hrithik make it official!

Hrithik Roshan took social media by storm when he made his relationship with Saba Azad paparazzi official. And now,

a video of the couple kissing passionately has gone viral. Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

Who is Saba Azad?

Well, born Saba Singh Grewal, she is an actress, theatre director, musician and singer.

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

Who did Saba Azad date before Hrithik?

Before Hrithik, Saba Azad dated Naseeruddin Shah's son Imaad Shah.

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

Saba & Imaad

Saba Azad and Imaad Shah started a band, Madboy Mink together in 2012.

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

Saba Azad is a Rock Chick

Saba is a trained dancer and has learnt Odissi, classical ballet, jazz and some contemporary dance forms.

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

Saba Azad's net worth

As per reports, Saba Azad's net worth is Rs 5-7 crore. On the other hand, Hrithik Roshan's is Rs 3101 crore (approx).

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

Saba Azad age

Saba Azad is 37 years old.

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

Saba Azad's Bollywood debut

Saba Azad made her Bollywood debut in 2008 with Dil Kabaddi. She recently delivered a memorable performance in Rocket Boys.

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

When are Saba & Hrithik getting married?

While there's been no confirmation from either Saba Azad or Hrithik Roshan, fans of the couple certainly want to see them tie the knot soon.

Credit: Saba-Azad-Instagram

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